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Foster Follow Ups


We appreciate hearing from our adoptive families and friends, and we welcome your updates and pictures.



A few very special


One of our favorite pictures and updates from Annie's family came in August of 2009. Annie's parents had been out for an evening on the town and a nice dinner for two. When they returned home, they casually placed their "doggie bag" filled with leftover steak on the kitchen countertop as they settled in for the night. This picture of Annie was taken later that night when they discovered her in the kitchen devouring the remaining Ribeye!!!


We received this note from the Cox family in May of 2009.... "Okay, we've determined that Bella isn't a dog, but a FISH!!!! She said to tell her brothers and sisters Hi!"

Bella looks more like a flying fish to us.... WOW.

We're happy to see Bella enjoying her life with the Cox family AND ALSO ENJOYING HER POOL!!


In January of 2009, after

having Bud (top left) & Rowdy (bottom right) for almost a year, James & Linda sent these pictures along with a "Year in Review" about their adorable adopted twosome....

"James and I are assuming that the boys, Rowdy & Bud, are a year old now so we took some 1 year pictures. Both guys have turned out to be the greatest!! They are such good natured dogs and we are enjoying them so very much.

They are definitely hunters and we have to watch what they try to bring in the house. Squirrels seem to be their favorite at the moment. Their training is coming along well, all except for breaking them from chewing things like James slippers, my tennis shoes, every toy they have, the cushion to my leather sofa!!!" (OOOPS) "Bud is the serious one and Rowdy still fits his name and is always making us laugh. He's very vocal and carries on conversations with me.

 They stick together like glue and what one gets into so does the other... just like kids. These are our very handsome boys and I can't thank you enough for saving them for us. Some things are just meant to be."