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Who We Are     

PROJECT PAWZ is a small rescue/rehoming effort fueled by our awareness of the painstakingly high numbers of perfectly healthy, adoptable animals that are euthanized in shelters across our country every single day. Many of these animals never get the opportunity to realize their full potential or experience the happiness that follows when adopted into a well-matched home. Many will face an untimely death in a "kill" shelter, so we make every effort to pull animals from overcrowded facilities. PROJECT PAWZ usually doesn't have many pets available for adoption at one time because each foster animal is brought into our home and temporarily made a part of our family. However, from time to time there are special circumstances which call for multiple fosters simultaneously. This usually only occurs in instances with litters of puppies or litters of kittens, and we handle those litters on a case by case basis.

Upon arrival at PROJECT PAWZ, each animal is taken to the veterinarian for an overall health evaulation. They're given age appropriate vaccinations and worming, along with any other specialized veterinary care they may need. We've treated everything from the differing types of mange, to heartworms, to liver failure, to broken bones and broken spirits. Whatever the need, we take care of it. Once an animal reaches 6 months of age, they're spayed or neutered if deemed healthy enough for surgery.  

Each and every foster animal is treated like one of our own, because for a while they are ours. The metamorphosis that takes place when these animals get proper care and socialization is truly amazing and it's what keeps us motivated to save just one more. It's always bittersweet when that perfect and permanent home finally presents itself, and the animal that we've loved and nurtured leaves our home and starts their new life with a loving family and a much brighter future. Their departure, although heartbreaking, allows us the space and the opportunity to help another animal in need.... and unfortunately, there's always another one. We enjoy the satisfaction of actually witnessing the fruits of our labor and being the link that brings that animal one step closer to the happiness they deserve. That, after all, is our ultimate goal.