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PROJECT PAWZ is small private rescue effort located in Corsicana, Texas, just south of Dallas. The animals in the care of PROJECT PAWZ come from different places, but they all have one thing in common...... The need for a better life. Because we're a single family and rehabilitate companion animals in our home and on our property, we have to take into consideration the amount of space necessary to properly care for each foster animal and also the monetary responsibility involved for veterinary care that each and every foster requires. Because of this, oftentimes we're at maximum capacity and simply can not take on any more animals in need until our current boarders are adopted into forever homes, no matter how long that may take. No animal in our program will ever punch a time clock or face euthanasia due to slow adoption rates or the need to make room for other animals coming in. This is their place of safety and refuge for as long as they need us.

After several years of

rescuing and rehoming stray animals, serving on the board of the HSNC, and also fostering animals from the City of Corsicana Animal Shelter, we officially began PROJECT PAWZ. PROJECT PAWZ originated to honor Buzz & Shiloh, who have taught us so much about the unconditional love of rescue dogs. 

Buzz was adopted from "doggie death row" at the city shelter literally at the 11th hour, as his execution was fast approaching. His time had run out and Buzz was scheduled for euthanasia. His only crime??? Being a big, black dog. To learn more about "Black Dog Syndrome", visit Black Pearl Dogs

Shiloh was a stray who had been roaming the streets for quite some time. We took him in with the sole intention of vetting him and finding him a home..... only to realize he already was home. Buzz & Shiloh have graciously accepted every single foster animal that's been through "Project Pawz Academy", always willing to share their home with a weary traveler down on their luck. They always take the new student under their wing and teach them the important things in life.... like how to use a doggie door, how to swim in the pond, and that if you have good manners you get rewarded with delicious treats. 

Some of the temporary boarders seem to catch on faster than others, nonetheless Buzz and Shiloh remain patient and steadfast, just like every good teacher should.

The mission of PROJECT PAWZ is to provide safe refuge for stray, abandoned & neglected companion animals until they can be adopted into responsible, loving homes. In addition, these animals are rehabilitated (medically and/or behaviorally) in preparation for the day they find their forever home. It is PROJECT PAWZ greatest desire for these once homeless creatures to live out the remainder of their lives being a cherished and respected member of the family. We think they deserve no less.